How we helped Full Social increase user retention by over 26%
Jun 20, 2022

How we helped Full Social increase user retention by over 26%

FULL SOCIAL is a social media marketing agency run by Kamila, a social media expert

How we helped Full Social increase user retention by over 26%
Business Branding
Web Design & Development
Webflow, Figma
Increase in Conversion Rate
More Visitors Per Year

Project Overview

From the logo to the look and feel of the website, we helped Kamila choose a name, find a domain name, brand her new startup, and brainstorm with her about her new adventure in the world of entrepreneurship.

Project Execution

We had divided the section relying on best practices and competition analysis and we had managed to:

  • Bringing the customer vision into real design.
  • UI/UX Design that easy to navigate.
  • clean and responsive website design.

Project Results

A satisfied customer and helping out an ambitious entrepreneur to start her journey.

How we helped Full Social increase user retention by over 26%

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs!

Even a huge website, or a huge company started with an entrepreneur's idea. They also went through all the stages from the idea, to characterization, planning, design, construction, rejections and improvements to get to where they are today.

Jason Larson - Agensight X Webflow Template

“The best marketing agency that I have worked with”

“I came to UXEPIC because a colleague I really appreciate recommended me to start social media activity. I told myself I had nothing to lose, that I would at least go hear what it was. Today I have been with UXEPIC for a year and I can say unequivocally that their activity to promote my business is something I will not give up. Thanks to them, I doubled my income.”

Jason Larson
Marketing Lead at EGNITE
Anne Collins - Agensight X Webflow Template

“The team members from UXEPIC are truly industry experts”

“They built and designed a stunning website for me, its design is really to the standard of champions who are not seen everywhere. "Another one on the list. As a customer, I felt it was important for them to hear me and get to know my business and tailor their solution to my needs.”

Anne Collins
Head of Operation at FULL SOCIAL
Matt Parker - Agensight X Webflow Template

“UXEPIC helped us to increase our retention by 300%”

“My business was active on Facebook over a small fire, I did it without understanding what I was doing. When I came to UXEPIC we did a rethink of everything. They built me a strategic plan for social media activity and started managing the business for me digitally. I share the life of the business. "Before and after UXEPIC" … thanks to them I made significant progress ”

Matt Parker
Growth Marketer at SHAMEK LLC