With the food comes the appetite
Mar 18, 2020

With the food comes the appetite

Branding for a hamburger restaurant

With the food comes the appetite
App mockup
Photoshop, Adobe XD
Increase in Conversion Rate
More Visitors Per Year

Project Overview

"Last Burger" is a mockup for an app/website of a hamburger restaurant. The theme we designed the screens around is American junk culture, with the bright colors of yellow, black and red so identified with the biggest fast food brands in the world. On the website there is the possibility to locate and navigate to a nearby branch, order food in advance Through a yeast-friendly menu for each burger and hamburger.

Project Execution

After a market survey, we found that many people - 85 out of 100 respondents - associate a hamburger with a real junk scene. Therefore:- we created a design line for it and adapted it to the American New York scene, showing a real hamburger from the street.- We created colors reminiscent of classic New York cabs, mustard yellow combined with black for emphasis. - We customized the navigation map in the same colors to give the feeling that you are walking through the streets of New York on your way to your favorite hamburger. We combined an internal navigation system with the same design language, with the goal of keeping the user within our application rather than pointing them to an external navigation.

Project Results

This made us hungry, what do you say? A fun app with vibrant colors. Images that tempt you to bite the screen (do not do it! I know from experience that it does not taste good and hurts your teeth). Everything in one place - menu, ordering, navigation, and up-to-the-minute information about when the latest burger is ready...

With the food comes the appetite

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