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Build your digital brand awareness with a website design experience that's ownable, durable, and unique. A brand today needs to exceed both audience expectations and industry standards in order to stand out.

Our agency methodology is based on three core principles:

- Maximizing brand value
- Data humanization
- The WOW factor in design

The term we use for this is Data Meets Design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to create a website?

The development of a website is divided into several phases: the initial characterization of needs, the creation of a model for approval, the actual construction, and the implementation of final tests and corrections. The example of building a website varies depending on the size and complexity of the website.

How do I know that what I pay for is what I get?

The characterization process and the ongoing relationship between us allow for openness and honesty. In the initial characterization phase, we determine the stages of execution, the deadline for their feedback, and the time for corrections and additions, so that each step we take is accompanied by the assurance that it truly meets the official summary and your needs.

I have seena website design that I like ... can you design the same for me?

As we always say "If you can imagine it, we can build it". Of course, everything is subject to copyright and we will not make an exact copy - you would expose yourself to litigation. Nevertheless, we will create the design faithfully and adapt it to your graphic language and brand.

How much will it cost me to create a website?

Creating a website is an extensive process, from the initial draft to the design to the development. The cost of developing a website varies depending on the client's requirements: A website can cost a four-figure amount, while an online store or a large course website can cost a five- or even six-figure amount. It all depends on the level of sophistication. At UXEPIC, we work precisely and provide an estimate after we have accurately characterized your needs. This way you pay only for what you need and keep the costs at a minimum.

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